What’s a Wondercore?

The number one question of all time (as far as this website is concerned, anyway) has got to be: “What’s a Wondercore?” That and its close relatives, “Why do you have such a weird name?” and “What has Wondercore got to do with Japan?”


Like every good name, The Wondercores has a story. And it’s a great one – or so we like to think. Settle down; here goes:

It’s no secret that Japan has some of the weirdest ads in the world. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they make no sense at all. Sometimes they hover on the edge of human understanding, then hurl themselves recklessly over. This next ad, was all three. Mbithe’s sister found it somewhere on the interwebs, and then shared it with Mbithe, who then shared it with Shikow and Gillian.

We loved the ad so much, we’d refer to it constantly and always end up in a fit of hysterics. We’d use the term “Wondercores” to describe ourselves, jokingly at first. But before we knew it, the name had stuck! Thus The Wondercores were born! Using their ultra super powers, Gillian, Shikow, and Mbithe have dedicated their lives to sharing their interest in Japanese language and culture! (That was witty; admit it.)

Back to the question: what’s a Wonder Core? Some kind of exercising ab-strengthening thingamajig, apparently. That has a core made of wonder. Or will turn your core into something wonderful. Or something; they weren’t really clear why it’s called that. But here on this site, we use the term “Wondercore” to refer to ourselves. Oh and heads up: we just might sing the song in the ad for you, but only if you ask very nicely. 😀

Photo: Antony Trivet Photography