Get Out There

First, I’d like to apologize, it has been way too long since my last post. I was having end of semester exams which as  most of you have probably experienced, drain the life out of you.

Shikow is a student of the law, life and day dreams. A lover of adventure and good times, she takes delight in learning and creating new things. She is a beautiful letdown and painfully uncool.


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Before You Pack Your Bags…

When people hear the word travel, what usually comes to mind is adventure, fun, relaxation, leisure etc. What most people fail to think about are the embarrassments that are associated with travel; some of which make great stories while others are never spoken of again. Sometimes, the things a traveller can do out of ignorance may offend the people of the country they have travelled to and that is why it is advisable to always do some research before travelling.

In a perfect world, Gillian would be travelling round the world in her red vintage VW T1 van (Hippie Van) gathering stories of the people she meets and retelling them to those ready to listen. She is in the process of building this world which is now going to have all of you in it.