Language Café | Part Three

The first Japanese language café was, in our opinion, a huge success and the turnout, honestly, much better than expected. A language café from this description given here is basically about conversation and improving or bettering one’s language speaking skills as well as getting to know more about the culture behind that language. Our theme being Japanese, we welcomed all Japanese learners and those interested in the Japanese culture for the event.


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Language Café | Part Two

In our last post, we told you all about language cafés and how they are a fun way to practise speaking your target language. Well, we have some exciting news today! The Wondercores are proud to present the first ever Japanese language café in Kenya (that we know of)!



Language Café | Part One

みなさん こんにちは!

In this world where the planet is becoming increasingly smaller in terms of interactions with people across seas and oceans, the need to learn foreign tongues has never been more important. If not for the mere interest of learning something new and different, the professional appeal of taking up a foreign language is a huge motivating factor.