Our Travels: Mbithe in Japan | Part Three

(Read Part Two here!)

And the story continues! In this part, I’ll share about our study trip to Hiroshima and Kyoto. If you’re interested in Japan, you’ve probably heard about the shinkansen (新幹線 – sometimes called the bullet train). Going at up to 320 km/h, these trains move… well, pretty fast. My first shinkansen ride was from Osaka to Hiroshima, the first stop on our study trip. Osaka and Hiroshima are about 330 km apart, and the trip took about an hour and twenty minutes (as opposed to the 6 hours it would have taken by bus).

Mbithe is a software developer at Andela and loves all things tech! You can probably find her sitting barefoot somewhere writing beautiful code while singing along to really loud Japanese music. 🙂


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Our Travels: Gillian in Japan


That’s the one thing that stays with you after travelling. You may have pictures to look through and souvenirs that you might have picked up on your travels but, nostalgia lets you relive the experience. Today being my birthday (Happy Birthday to me! Yay!) and with Mbithe in Japan at the moment, I can’t help but feel a tad nostalgic over the time I went to Japan.

In a perfect world, Gillian would be travelling round the world in her red vintage VW T1 van (Hippie Van) gathering stories of the people she meets and retelling them to those ready to listen. She is in the process of building this world which is now going to have all of you in it.