Interview: Abednego B. Osindi, ABE Initiative Scholar | Part Two

Today we continue with our interview with Abednego B. Osindi. You can read Part One of the interview here. Check out Abednego’s blog and follow him on Instagram too!

On Learning Japanese

Did you speak any Japanese before going to Japan?

I knew no Japanese at all (ぜんぜん – nothing). I had only heard of konnichiwa (hello), and ohayou gozaimasu (good morning). Indeed, the first few days in Japan were a real headache because Japanese is everything. Thanks to the “survival Japanese” lessons in my university, my communication ability is getting better each day.


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Interview: Abednego B. Osindi, ABE Initiative Scholar | Part One

Hello everyone! Hisashiburi desu ne! I recently returned from the most amazing and unforgettable two weeks of my life in Japan which I shall blog about very soon. But first, today we feature quite a unique interview. We often hear about the MEXT scholarship, but there are in fact other scholarships that one can apply for to study in Japan. One of them is the ABE Initiative Masters and Internship Program, which we shall learn about from Abednego B. Osindi, a recipient of the scholarship who is currently in Japan. (By the way…. applications are now open for this program! if you are interested, please apply here!)