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Our Travels: Gillian in Japan


That’s the one thing that stays with you after travelling. You may have pictures to look through and souvenirs that you might have picked up on your travels but, nostalgia lets you relive the experience. Today being my birthday (Happy Birthday to me! Yay!) and with Mbithe in Japan at the moment, I can’t help but feel a tad nostalgic over the time I went to Japan.



Anime Review: Plastic Nee-san

I feel guilty for having neglected this category but, in my defence, I have been so busy with school work that I haven’t had time to catch up on the latest anime episodes or watch any new (or even old) anime and now…exams are here!

I have very poor concentration; I will literally break into song in the middle of studying to get out of it. Just last night, I was going through a couple of questions and came across this one: ‘What is the hazard function?’ and immediately started singing ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ by Pink 😀 It should come to no surprise that with my poor studying habits, I manage to re-watch one or two of my favourite anime episodes in between study breaks. Of them all, Plastic Nee-san happens to be my first pick all the time and it’s a great study break too.


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Calling All Otakus!

The Wondercores participate in a lot of the events organised and held by the Embassy of Japan, Kenya. Our proudest moments were winning the 2014 Nodojiman Beauty Award and Mbithe winning this year’s Japanese Language speech contest (yay!). The events and competitions they hold are usually very interesting and lots of fun to either attend or participate in. We would really love it if you would all share in  the fun so to that end, we shall do our very best to keep you updated on upcoming events and competitions.

The Embassy of Japan in Kenya, specifically the Japan Information and Culture Centre (JICC), are organising two events which I believe would be of great interest to all you Otakus out there.