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Sake Saturday

I was at the Rub-a-Dub event this Saturday. Rub-a-dub Nairobi is an event where different vendors set up stalls to sell their wares in one open space with a Dj and bands playing. It’s like a funky market place. Of all the stands that were on display, the stall that grabbed my attention, being the nihongo student that I am, was the Cheka Japanese Izakaya Restaurant. 

“Try some Japanese wine…” came the offer that stopped me in my tracks. Not the wine bit, the Japanese bit. I looked over and the ladies at the stand were clad in adorable African fabric kimonos and on the display table was an array of Japanese products. From wine to whiskey to sake and a variety of Japanese foods including sushi.


In an attempt to show off my scanty Japanese I asked,”Sake ga sukidesu ka?” (Do you like Sake?)  A bit puzzled at the fact that I spoke to him in Japanese he nodded. He went on to explain a bit of the origin of sake and that he preferred it warm not chilled. Sake is a Japanese liquor made from fermented rice. You can check out the Cheka Japanese Restaurant here.

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  • Mbithe

    Excellent! Sounds like an awesome experience 🙂

    • Shikow

      It really was, we should head on down to Cheka sometime soon

  • JOkoth

    How’d you like the sake?

    • Shikow

      I enjoyed it, it had a nice sweetness to it

  • zawadi wangui

    Wow!! What an experience! Did you try the warm sake?
    And your Japanese isn’t scanty 🙂

    • Shikow

      Yes, I tasted the warm sake, it was really nice. It was smooth and not too strong:-)

      そして、ありがとう ございますお

      • zawadi wangui

        Just for your reference, an ideal response to ‘your Japanese isn’t scanty’ comment, would be いいえ、まだべんきょうしています or とんでもございません (i.e. a phrase that shows modesty..that’s the Japanese kokoro) 😉

        • Useful phrases! Noted for future reference 🙂

        • Shikow

          Sumimasen, thanks for the correction, important phrases to remember 🙂

          • zawadi wangui

            Oh, and there could be some more too…key thing is to be modest 🙂

  • muthusi

    your Japanese isn’t scanty at all…

    • Shikow

      Arigatou Muthusi 🙂