Nominated! Kenyan Blog Awards 2016

We’ll jump right to it: The Wondercores have been nominated for a Kenyan Blog Award, and we are over the moon! We couldn’t be more excited and proud, especially considering the sheer number of blogs there are out there! There were more than 4,000 submitted blogs, and The Wondercores blog was chosen from that considerable list to be one of the nominees! (Read more about the selection process here.)

We’ve been nominated in the Best Topical Blog category, and would appreciate it ever so much if you would head on over to and cast your vote! Or just click on the image below!


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More of Japanese References in Film and TV

Today we continue the list of my favourite references of Japanese culture in movies and TV series. If you missed the first post , don’t worry we got you covered , read it here and then come back and finish this post.



Express Yourself!

Linguistics is a very interesting area and in one of many other lives, I probably would be a linguist. In this life, however, it’s something I look at every now and then and I always find it just so fascinating.