A Slice of Everyday Life: Nichijou Review


I like to think that my sense of humour is highly evolved. Scratch that, my sense of humour IS highly evolved. In fact, it is so high on the evolutionary ladder that I sometimes laugh alone because the people around me will not understand (or see) what it is I am laughing at and no, I am not crazy, I’m just lots of fun to be around and Number 13, on this article proves it, the rest has nothing to do with me. 😛 😀

Point is, I love a good laugh and anime is one of the ways I get one. (The other is having a Wondercore meeting 😀 )

I recently watched Nichijou thanks to a friend, Nelson, who recommended it and I had to stop 10 minutes into the first episode because I couldn’t carry on, it had me in stitches! 😀 Nichijou meaning ‘Everyday’ is a hilarious Slice of Life anime following the everyday lives of people in Tokisadame and after watching it, I feel that it would be a great anime to watch for all you beginners out there because of how relatable it is to certain real life situations. It is a short anime with 26 episodes, each being roughly 21 minutes long but, the 9 hours to be spent in watching it are all totally worth it. How? I’m glad you asked…

School Life

Nichijou will make you relive old memories of your high school days but puts a hilarious twist to it. 😀 Ever been reprimanded for something wrong, but something which you had no control over? Something like Nakanojo’s situation, but different (I hope 😀 )…

Midnight Battles

We have all had to commit petty murder, as Yukko puts it, in the middle of the night. Sometimes we win like Yukko did, but when we don’t, we end up having to hide under the covers from the enemy’s reinforcements….

Relatable or RELATABLE? 😀

Sibling Rivalry

People with younger siblings know how annoying it can be when they play around with your stuff because they always end up destroying something. Argh!! But, what I find the most annoying thing of all in that moment is the ridiculous way they try to cover it up which will only be funny after you get over the anger 😀

A Dose of Madness

Now, anime wouldn’t be anime without a little hint of what I choose to call madness. Take a look at this…

😀 😀 😀

Engrish? Yes Purizz!

I saved the best for last, trust me, just wait for it…

😀 Nichijou is all that and much more so if you’re looking for a good laugh then please check it out and let me know what you think of it until then…

Happy New Year! 😀

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