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More of Japanese References in Film and TV


Today we continue the list of my favourite references of Japanese culture in movies and TV series. If you missed the first post , don’t worry we got you covered , read it here and then come back and finish this post.


When these amazing enhanced humans hit our screens, our lives were made better. My favourite character, was of course the hilarious Hiro Nakamura, master of time and space(the title references his ability to freeze time and teleport). Hiro is Japanese and this enables us wapanese otakus to enjoy Japanese dialogue and scenes shot in Tokyo. Hiro also delights us with his hilarious Engrish.

I’ll also place Heroes Reborn under this. Despite the harsh reviews this remake has received since it aired, Katana girl is, for me, the best character to come out of Heroes reborn. Without giving too much away, Katana girl (Miko) can jump from the real world into the virtual reality world of a video game her father made, with a special mission to complete. The Katana (which used to belong to Hiro Nakamura) enables her to hop from one world to another, it also gives her ninja moves that enables her to get past certain barriers. She does this with the help of Reckless Ren, a gamer who discovers Miko after a hidden message is revealed to him after beating a certain high score in the fictional videogame, Evernow.



2. The Simpsons

Here the reference isn’t a common thread that runs across the show, the show instead has an entire episode that was set in Tokyo, Japan. The episode titled, Thirty Minutes over Tokyo, in this episode, the Simpsons are able to afford a flight to Japan after attending a money saving seminar. However, the episode has never aired in Japan, as a scene in which the Emperor of Japan is thrown into a trunk filled with sumo thongs,  was considered disrespectful.  Homer and Bart get to do some fun things in Japan like attend a sumo match, learn Japanese and have a tea ceremony.



3. Inception

In this 2010 science fiction heist thriller film, the main characters Cobb and Arthur have to use special technology that allows them to enter into the minds of a target and extract useful information from them in this dream state. Their latest target is Japanese businessman Saito played by Ken Watanabe, the plot twists when they realize Saito was auditioning them for an even bigger “inception”. One of the dream states is Japanese Castle which can be two locations, the second level of the Saito extraction job or the location in Limbo where Cobb finds Saito during the final stages of the Fischer inception job. I know its really complicated, this entire movie was.



We would love to hear what some of your favourites are, leave your comment below.

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