More From Nikita Mugi, a Kenyan Mangaka

Nikita Mugi is a talented Kenyan mangaka whose knowledge, expertise, and passion for manga is evident 🙂 Today, we continue our interview with him. Enjoy!

(Read the first part of the interview here.)

As a newcomer in the manga industry, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received regarding your work? What advice would you give?

kenyan-mangaka-2Well none that I can think of, most of my good friends don’t watch anime, and the ones that do… I don’t think we are close enough to give each other advice. I’m not a social person; I find it annoying to talk to new people unless they would have some impact on me. But that never happens. But if I were to give advice, it would be to continue doing what you’re doing because it’s not work if you love doing it. If you are a surgeon who does surgeries for like 12 hours straight and you enjoy it because you are still learning new things, then that is all you need to be satisfied.

Do you have any published works?

Published work? No not yet, I usually did some drawings for my church for their arts and crafts sessions when I was in high school. And I got a recruitment email from the shujaaz crew, what they asked from me I couldn’t deliver because my art style is too manga oriented and they want a cartoon feel in their comics, so no publications yet.

What is the writing process for a manga? Have you met any challenges? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

Every mangaka has a certain way to do their manga. As for me, I write my whole story down and use it as reference later because my manga story is mostly improvised not planned like some mangakas. And when designing my characters, when drawing them, I allocate different genres of music to them, like my main character, when I draw her I listen to metal rock, to remind me that she is a mad character, twisted insane.

kenyan-mangaka-3I have challenges, I usually have a difficult time drawing backgrounds because it’s so time consuming so I try to do it less, if I get the chance. I know its cheating but I will definitely evolve as every manga artist does in time.

Any projects coming up soon?

I want to do a few chapters of my manga (Fushigi) before I release it because I want to give the first like 2 or 3 chapters for free (depending on whether people like it or not) when I am done with them as soon as I find a publisher who can approve my horror genre here, And if I don’t get a publisher that will do that. I will make my own publishing company if I have to. (haha). But time will tell.

What should we expect from you in the future?

In the future, an anime would be a dream come true. But I would like to settle for a manga in the near future, because as hard as it is to get a publisher, it’s even harder to get a production company that will cover anime, because people are worried that mainstream anime is not being given the appropriate attention nowadays because there are thousands of anime being produced at the same time. For example, this year there has been like only 8 or 9 canon episodes in Naruto. The rest are fillers, which are like improvised episodes that require minimal production effort. These popular anime like Tokyo Ghoul are being given huge gaps between released, even Attack on Titan took a two-year break, and I don’t even know what happened to Bleach, there are just a handful of mainstream anime that are still in regular airing time like Dragonball Super and One Piece.

Thank you for interviewing me, I hope you find anything that I have said helpful to anyone who wants to start their manga. It’s really hard, I won’t lie. But it is worth the effort. Manga changes the lives of a lot of people daily, I hope my story becomes that inspiration to others. Thanks for your time.

*** All pictures featured in this post are courtesy of Nikita Mugi. ***

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