Little Glee Monster – Seishun Photograph | Lyric Video (With English Translation)

It’s no secret that I’m more than a little obsessed with Little Glee Monster. Little Glee Monster is a Japanese girl band consisting of six amazingly talented girls with great voices singing (mostly) carefree, feel-good songs. Ever since I discovered them about a month ago, I’ve been hooked! Naturally, my first order of business was to make a lyric video of one of my favourite songs of theirs, so I could sing along to it. 🙂

We posted the lyric video a couple of weeks ago on our YouTube channel for their song, 青春フォトグラフ (Seishun Photograph), which means “youth photograph”. It’s a lovely song about the bitter-sweet feeling of graduating high school and having to say goodbye to your friends. (Five years after graduating high school myself, I felt no shame shedding a tear or two. Lol.) You can watch the official video here. Our lyric video has the main lyrics entirely in Japanese with an English translation at the bottom.

As is our usual practice, for those among us whose Japanese reading skills may not be that great, we’ve included the romaji lyrics in this post right after the video! Once you’ve got them down, watch the video and sing along while reading the Japanese lyrics. 🙂

Romaji lyrics:

Kousha ura ni yosegaki shiteta
Dare ni mo yomarenai you na basho ni
Kikuzushita seifuku wo kyou wa chanto kitara

Otona ni mieta no wa kitto
Mune ni kazatta hana no sei ja nai
Nee itsumo doori fuzaketa kao de
Saigo ni shashin wo torou yo

Hora saikou no kao de POOZU!
Hora saikou no kao de PIISU!
Warai sugite namida ga dete kita dake
Aa samishiku nanka nai my friends

Kokuban nanka kaki utsusu yori
Omoide wo kakitomereba yokatta
Arifureta mainichi wa zenbu kinenbi datta

Otona ni ashita kara naru no
Kyou made wa kodomo no mama de ii
Nee itsumo doori hashaide misete
Minna de shashin wo torou yo

Hora saikou no kao de POOZU!
Hora saikou no kao de PIISU!
Okashi sugite namida ga dete kita dake
Aa warawasenaide yo my friends

Heiki na furi wo sasete yo nee
Saigo made tsuyogarasete
Kyoushitsu wo deta shunkan ni
Minna ni senaka mukete omoikkiri naku kara

Hora jikan tomete ima POOZU!
Hora namida tomete ima PIISU!
Arigato sayonara zutto wasurenai yo
Aa sotsugyou shite mo my friends

Hora saikou no kao de POOZU!
Hora saikou no kao de PIISU!
Waraisugite namida ga dete kita dake
Aa sabishiku nanka nai my friends

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