Language Café | Part Three

The first Japanese language café was, in our opinion, a huge success and the turnout, honestly, much better than expected. A language café from this description given here is basically about conversation and improving or bettering one’s language speaking skills as well as getting to know more about the culture behind that language. Our theme being Japanese, we welcomed all Japanese learners and those interested in the Japanese culture for the event.

We started off by getting to know each other with brief introductions (in Japanese from some) over refreshments just to gauge everyone’s proficiency in Japanese and then broke off into 3 groups based on proficiency. We got a really really diverse crowd ranging from Japanese language learners, those seeking motivation to learn the language and those interested in the culture so, we had something for everyone. 🙂


We had two beginner groups or as our new friend Grace called it, ground zero groups where we talked about the learning process of the Japanese language as well as the popular aspects of their culture where anime featured greatly.

My ground zero group happened to be the loudest (read fun group) as we were constantly laughing at the jokes being made round the table but, was a great way of learning seeing as they left knowing a few Japanese greetings. 😀

The third group was made up of those who had begun their Japanese language journey where they learnt a little a couple of common phrases used in conversational Japanese .

Game time

We had great laughs and had great fun learning new things about Japanese and each other and even new friendships were made! All in all, it was a great day and a great success. We ended the day with two games. The first, Shiritori, which is a Japanese word game which, for those who don’t know about it yet, shall find out about in our next Japanese Language Café. 😀

The second was a relatively difficult anime based game which I invented and aim to make harder next time so that Mabrouk doesn’t get everything right. 😀

It’s on Mabrouk, it’s on 😀

We really did have lots of fun and hope that all who couldn’t make it for the first Japanese Language Café will manage to make it for the next one which we intend to be of a bigger scale than this one. So, stay tuned. 🙂

A great big thanks to all who came out and made the day the success it was, as well as Cheka Japanese Izakaya for giving us the space needed for the event. Finally, we would really like to thank Andrew, Tony and Mabrouk who worked behind the scenes in the planning of the event, we also to you…


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