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Kenyan Mangaka: Shin Kyouketsuki | Part Two

From Muramasa Maiden

Hope you enjoyed Part One of this interview! In case you missed it, read it here.

Let’s get right to Part Two…

Manga Projects:

My Manga, BOKU, meaning ‘Me/I’ is my first self-published title but isn’t my first work, I’ve done a couple of other comics, as little projects, but I never had creative control over them. It revolves around a character called Chen who through some circumstances finds himself as 5 people. So it’s about his adventures with ‘himselves’ as he tries to figure out why he is the way he is. A story of self-discovery if you will.


Chen from Boku

The writing process for me, is usually the most fun, sitting and brainstorming up the ideas. Then doing the storyboards and initial sketches stage, where you flesh out the story. These are the most exciting parts. So, I had lots of fun writing it. My major challenge was probably when looking for a place that could print in good quality at a fair price; printing can be quite expensive especially when you are not well established. But my hope is that if BOKU does well, we can get even higher production, even do colour versions if possible. 😀 Basically it all depends on how well BOKU is received by the public.

More on BOKU…

BOKU’s reception so far has been great, it’s got a lot of buzz going and is even pushing shy artists to come out of their caves and start showing their stuff. The Manga community here is really excited with it, and are really supporting it! It was actually better than I had expected. It’s a slow and steady process but it’s a good and positive one. The only downside, is that most production companies here in Kenya think that these kinds of things are for children and don’t really show any interest. Taihen desu ne 🙁 .

Since it is self -published, I don’t have a strong backer/sponsor who can handle distribution, so it’s all up to me. I have some outlets in the CBD, where a couple of my friends stock it for those who would like to purchase it. It will also be on sale at the upcoming Naiccon event in Sarit Centre on 5th December along with more interesting manga/anime goodies. 😀

Anime Projects:


Magazine Cover by Anime Anonymous

I am one of the administrators of a Facebook group called Anime Anonymous (A.A.) which is a community of like-minded individuals who come together and engage each other in the one thing we all love which is anime. It’s basically a forum where we meet up, talk about anime, share anime, and have a good time (we throw great parties). It’s a small community that keeps getting new members all the time. We accept and allow Anime Otakus to be themselves and enjoy being around other fellow otaku without worrying about the skeptical eye of society. Haha! 😀

The Anime Café, most recently held this past Saturday, is a recent addition to all the fun. It is literally a café where we meet up and have competitions and trivia in things regarding anime/manga. Participants battle it out as they test out one another’s knowledge on different aspects of the manga they read and anime they watch. They also get to win really great prizes and special novelty anime/manga merchandise.

Future Works:

I have some crazy ideas in the works so, just keep an eye out. Motto Ganbarimasu! 😀

I would like to keep writing manga and making people enjoy reading the stories I write and if possible a Japanese translation. I’m trying to get BOKU translated actually. As for anime production, maybe someday. It’s too early to tell. But that would be great if it happened. Would it not?

Yes it would. Or at least I seem think so. 🙂 If you would like to follow his mangaka journey, add him on Facebook here and for all anime otakus who aren’t yet part of the A.A. community, you can join through here. Lastly, follow this page on Facebook for more information on BOKU. 😀

That’s it for our interview with Shin. We, The Wondercores, wish him the best of luck and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him. 🙂


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