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Kenyan References in Anime



Forgive my excessive use of the exclamation marks but, I couldn’t help it, I’m still SO excited about our ‘Best Topical Blog’ nomination in this year’s Kenya Blog Awards. (Kindly follow this link for details on how to vote for us 😀 )

Now, this post will knock your socks off and, if you aren’t wearing any, put some on so that they can get knocked off 😀

Kenyan references in anime…

This may come as a surprise to most people but there are Kenyan references in anime, most of which I do not think are coincidences.

1.  Kenya Kobayashi – Erased



In Japanese, just like in several other languages, Kenya (ケニア) is pronounced as ‘Ke-ni-a’ and I accepted my ‘Kenian’ identity because I believed that they (the Japanese) just couldn’t say it any other way.

That was before I discovered the anime Erased where I met the character Kenya Kobayashi or Kenya-san as I have come to know him. It is where I also came to know that the Japanese really can pronounce Kenya as ‘Ke-nya’. 😀

But, I should have probably figured out that the ‘nya’ in Kenya can be pronounced by the Japanese after hearing their cats ‘Nya! Nya!’ 😀

Fun fact: Cats in Japan ‘Nya’. They don’t meow. 

Another fun fact: Kenya, the anime character, has a very strong sense of justice 😀

2. President Moi – Toriko

This is an actual character! 😀

For our overseas readers’ benefit, Kenya’s second president was Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi who was just President Moi when he was still in office which will become funnier or more interesting when you notice the similarities between them.

They are/were both presidents; one of a country and the other of a company.

They are both elderly dark skinned men.

And, they are both men of great wealth and status. 😀

Coincidence? I think not!


Toriko’s President Moi vs. Kenya’s President Moi ( Source: &

Disclaimer: I am in no way insinuating that our second president always has a young girl in his arm, that was just the only picture I managed to find of the other President Moi. Also, I do not mean any disrespect with this collage, I would never disrespect you our dear second president, two is my favourite number after all. Finally, if you wish to have this picture taken down, I will graciously oblige. (May the torture chambers forever remain just a story)

3. The Askari – Crying Freeman

Crying Freeman is a manga series which I have never read but, it has an African revolutionary organization known as Askari or African Tusk? Askari or African Tusk? 😀

Askari in Swahili translates to a policeman/woman in English so, someone who upholds justice. Right? Well, this is where the irony comes in, The Askari in Crying Freeman ‘use terrorism and assassination to further their objectives’.

Fun fact: The Askari’s leader is Bugnug (Yes, Bugnug is actually a name and no, I am not sure how to pronounce this). And, she is depicted as, and I quote, ‘an exotic and muscular African beauty who specializes in African throwing blades’. 😀

4. Shounen Keniya (少年ケニヤ)

Now this one is the kicker. Why?

Shounen Keniya = Kenya Boy 😀

Forget Kenyan references in anime, this anime (movie)  is based in Nairobi.

In 1941. 😀

I highly intend to watch this movie and possibly write my own review here, from a Kenyan’s or formerly Kenian’s perspective. Especially after all the bad reviews I’ve read. 😀

If you’re interested in watching it, watch it here. In the meantime, here’s a ‘trailer’ for you…

Noticed any other Kenyan references in Anime? Let me know in the comment section. Oh and, don’t forget to vote for us under the Best Topical category for the 2016 Kenya Blog Awards here. 🙂

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