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Five Things Every Nihongo (Japanese language) Student Can Relate To

If you are studying or have studied the Japanese language, there are some experiences we all share. Here are my top 5.


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Understanding Japanese Otaku (Nerd Culture)

One of the most outstanding things about the Japanese youth is the passion and commitment they have to their hobbies. From TV to Music to Comics, the Japanese take ‘fangirling’ to a whole new level. I remember watching a video once of this Japanese girl, a big Harry Potter fan, who got to meet Rupert Grint. She was so fascinated by Rupert’s ginger eyelashes that she, literally, had to touch them, granted this was a bit weird, but the glee and excitement it gave her made it adorable.



Beginner’s Guide to Anime

I love anime.

There is a group of people who understand what I mean when I say that I love anime and if I were to meet them, the starting gun to a very strange contest called ‘The person who says I love anime more than you more wins’ would go off. The Wondercores look forward to geeking out with all of you.