Happy Holidays!

2015 has been a series of adventures for us and we’re so grateful for each and every one of them. 🙂 From Mbithe going to Japan to an adventure in the beautiful Karura Forest with our new friends from Japan, Kentaro and Natsuki to the first Wondercore-hosted event, the Japanese Language Café.

All such great fun!

And, it all started on the 26th of June this year…

It seems like just yesterday when we started The Wondercores and on boxing day, we’ll be 6 months old! Can you believe it? 6 great months! We honestly wouldn’t have kept it going this far without you guys. Your comments and suggestions as well as your likes on our social media pages have really kept us going. 😀


Try not to miss us too much as we’re off to get started on our holiday plans. 😉  We’ll be back in 2016 with more adventures and new projects that we cannot wait to get started on.

Oh, one last thing before we go, we hope none of you were planning on having a ‘Japanese Christmas’ (read about it here) …

KFC will be closed 😀


Happy Holidays!

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