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Kenyan References in Anime


Forgive my excessive use of the exclamation marks but, I couldn’t help it, I’m still SO excited about our ‘Best Topical Blog’ nomination in this year’s Kenya Blog Awards. (Kindly follow this link for details on how to vote for us 😀 )

Now, this post will knock your socks off and, if you aren’t wearing any, put some on so that they can get knocked off 😀

Kenyan references in anime…



Express Yourself!

Linguistics is a very interesting area and in one of many other lives, I probably would be a linguist. In this life, however, it’s something I look at every now and then and I always find it just so fascinating.


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5 Tips for Japanese Speech Contest Participants

Last week, we mentioned in this post that applications are officially open for the 2016 Japanese Speech Contest. Well, today I’d like to give a few tips for participating in the speech contest! I hope this will inspire more people not only to participate, but will also help them give better speeches!