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Calling All Otakus!

The Wondercores participate in a lot of the events organised and held by the Embassy of Japan, Kenya. Our proudest moments were winning the 2014 Nodojiman Beauty Award and Mbithe winning this year’s Japanese Language speech contest (yay!). The events and competitions they hold are usually very interesting and lots of fun to either attend or participate in. We would really love it if you would all share in  the fun so to that end, we shall do our very best to keep you updated on upcoming events and competitions.

The Embassy of Japan in Kenya, specifically the Japan Information and Culture Centre (JICC), are organising two events which I believe would be of great interest to all you Otakus out there.

J-Pop Nodojiman and Cosplay Competition:

Singing-RabbitThe Wondercores will take the stage again on Saturday, October 03, 2015, at the Embassy of Japan, Kenya as participants of the J-Pop Festival which will include, as part of its program, a J-Pop Nodojiman and a Cosplay Competition.

A Nodojiman is a Japanese Singing Competition therefore, the J-Pop Nodojiman will limit the music selected by its participants to the J-Pop genre. All non-Japanese citizens who will either sing a J-Pop or anime song are eligible to participate.

Cosplay is short for costume play and involves dressing and acting as popular characters from television and film and all non-Japanese citizens are eligible to participate in this.

Registration for these competitions are now open for individuals and groups (a maximum of 5 per group) through emailing your name, contact details and the competition(s) for which you are registering for to The registration deadline is on Friday, 14th August 2015 and quick registration is encouraged because there are only a few slots available in these competitions.

Movie Screening:

There will be a free Japanese movie screening of ‘Brave Story’ at the Embassy of Japan in Kenya on Saturday, August 15th 2015 at 2.00 p.m.. We encourage you all to attend with a friend or two and register for it by sending an email with yours and your friends’ details to by Friday, August 14th 2015.


We would really love to meet (or compete with) you so register and come have some fun with us and if you need some more information, please contact the Embassy of Japan via email.

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  1. 1

    I have never sung any J-pop in public(and this is no admission that I know any or how to sing those “anys”…) but that sounds like fun! Do tell, how expansive is the genre breakdown of the J-Pop at the festival? I will easily listen to Ai Kuwabara, sing along to Saori Yuki or Fukara Kimie(damn, I love her voice!), and on those occasions when very intoxicated I can dare try to rhyme with Halcali or indulge the ear with Omodaka! October? Chalked up and definitely something to inform fellow Otakus about.

    • 2

      Hi JOkoth! Kuwabara Ai and Yuki Saori are out of JPop range (I think), but HALCALI definitely qualifies for the competition especially after being featured in quite a few anime. 🙂 Hope to see you there (as a participant, no less! 😉 Thanks for reading!

      • 3

        Ahaha. I’ll be there. Participation is debatable. I look forward to the experience and maybe that will be a confidence booster for a subsequent meet.

    • 4

      We would definitely love to see you there, do tell us if and when you register for the competition 🙂 Also, you could always check with the embassy about the song you decide on if you’re not sure about it. Thanks for reading!

  2. 6

    Great events…looking forward. Congrats to the Wondercores for the record(s) they’ve kept so far (i.e. speech contest & nodo jiman). You go gals 🙂

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