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Beginner’s Guide to Anime (Part 2)

Beginner’s Guide to Anime was basically about selection of anime, kind of like a ‘how to’ to anime which excluded ‘the where’ and when looking for websites to watch anime on, it can get really frustrating not being able to find one that you would deem good enough from the many websites floating around the Internet.

It took me some time before I could find a website that I considered to be good enough for me to watch anime from. Like most things, there is a certain criteria I used when trying out different sites for watching anime and after a relatively long search, I stumbled upon KissAnime which met my expectations and actually surpassed some of them. What exactly was I looking for?


When it comes to shopping, I am a sucker for sales and discounts but, when those aren’t advertised, if I can, I will definitely haggle until I get an acceptable price. So when I discovered that I wouldn’t have to pay a single cent here, I was interested.

High Quality Video Streaming

Video streaming at Full-HD (1080p) or HD (720p). Enough said.

Large collection

I was completely amazed by the content on KissAnime. Their library is out of this world; they have nearly, note the use of nearly, all anime series and all anime movies in collection. For on going anime, they give tentative dates on which a new episode will be added to their collection which avoids having to constantly check again and again for a new episode of a series .


KissAnime lets you download anime from their collection for free and usually at the same high quality that you would stream at.


Let’s say that you are watching a particular episode and get interrupted by something and would have to leave it and come back to it later on, well, with KissAnime, you can bookmark that particular episode at that particular point you have left the episode on and come back to watch it later exactly where you left it.

Anime and so much more…

They have other websites similar to this one: KissManga for Manga, KissAsian for Asian Dramas and KissCartoon for Cartoons (the Flintstones, Johnny Bravo etc.)

I would really like to know what you guys are using to watch anime besides KissAnime, let me know in the comment section below.

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  • muthusi

    進撃の巨人 Please tell me someone has watched it and is waiting for the film ……and
    Saddest anime moments….

    • Gillian

      Who hasn’t watched it? 🙂 Also, the movie is out already, you should check it out.
      That was interesting to watch, thanks for sharing. What is your number one saddest anime moment?

      If I had to choose my number one saddest moment in anime, it would have to be Ace’s death. I appreciate Oda’s creativity in writing One Piece because it literally is amazing and brilliant. So when he killed Ace, he also killed a small part of me inside. He made his death so brutal because in One Piece, even though there are the sad moments, you get used to it being the fun, silly and happy anime that it is but his death kind of destroyed that (for a while). Anyway, it is my saddest anime moment for these reasons:
      1. He died saving his Luffy (so heroic) from Akainu whose defeat or death I eagerly await .
      2. He died in his brother’s arms. I mean, this was just sad.
      3. Luffy’s reaction to his death. It was so sad to see Luffy switch from being relatively in control at the War of the Best to being vulnerable to the point Akainu could take a shot to being in denial and asking Ace to wake up to being so overwhelmed with grief that he passed out to almost dying. It was practically a roller coaster of emotions.
      4. Luffy’s crew was not there with him to help him out and seeing them trying to do all they can to get to him to comfort him but fail to reach him just makes you sad.
      5. Lastly, Ace was just a really great character. He had an awesome devil fruit power, he was fun…just a really great character.

      Pardon me for my essay, I tend to go overboard when talking/writing about anime. I would love to know what your number one saddest anime moment is. (And if you agree with me)

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      • muthusi

        wait its out….Please tell me you have it …coz i heard Sony wanted to do something with the same name….i so need it…i don’t think Akainu will dies out any time soon…Well from what i think…yeah i hate him but you have to admit he does have some insane skills on him….personally i think the saddest moment was watching his crew get beat by Pacifista..that was sad ..He knew his crew was the best …It more of a Psychological blow than most …

        Ohh then when the had to burn merry …i don’t cry much but damn …..that had to be like the most intense moment ..

        I do agree with you but i feel the saddest moment in any anime don’t include one said character, the moment it crosses over to the rest then thats really sad….coz you know if any one character falls into some isht the rest have his back what about when they all have it done for ….

        Personally i feel 進撃の巨人 carries more emotion than one piece ..something about the fact that yall fight for survival brings it to this sense of i soo hope they make it ….One piece is so awesome dont get me wrong but fight for survival brings it to anther level of this has to work ..(you know what am saying lol)…

        I do go overboard too sorry …but i loved the read ..Yall ladies just bumped up to my number 1 blog

        • Gillian

          Haha…yes I know what you’re saying and I totally agree with you. Where One Piece is infinity, 進撃の巨人 is beyond, right? It’s just that I adore One Piece so it will always be my go to anime for anything, any day, anytime.

          About the movie, I do not have it but I will ask around for you 🙂

          Number 1 blog? Thank you for the confidence! We hope not to disappoint you 🙂
          Also, help us keep you happy by leaving suggestions or any ideas you have for us either as posts on comments or through our email 🙂

          • muthusi

            I so would love yall to do a 6piece on the way of Bushido..What it menat to the samurai,Then impact it had on the Empire and its relevance today in business,plus the significance of Bushido to a Ronin

          • Gillian

            Hmm…interesting subject. We will see what we can do

        • Yay thanks Muthusi! You’re our number one fan 😉

          • muthusi

            Awesome …The day y`all are doing the Fan day thing am getting front row seats #likeaboss

      • Ian Anzabwa

        I AGREE!! Ace’s death moved me to tears. Neji Hyuga’s death in Naruto Shippuden was also pretty sad.

        • Gillian

          Yes! I know the feeling.
          Thanks for reading Ian!