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Kenyan References in Anime


Forgive my excessive use of the exclamation marks but, I couldn’t help it, I’m still SO excited about our ‘Best Topical Blog’ nomination in this year’s Kenya Blog Awards. (Kindly follow this link for details on how to vote for us 😀 )

Now, this post will knock your socks off and, if you aren’t wearing any, put some on so that they can get knocked off 😀

Kenyan references in anime…



Express Yourself!

Linguistics is a very interesting area and in one of many other lives, I probably would be a linguist. In this life, however, it’s something I look at every now and then and I always find it just so fascinating.



Minimalism and Contentment

Anyone else hear the crickets chirping away in this corner of the Internet? 😀

It’s a beautiful Monday morning and even more so because I got the chance to watch the sun rise and it was simply BREATHTAKING! On this Monday morning, I’d like to share with you my opinion on minimalism or the minimalistic lifestyle. Sorry, no pictures today. 😀