Anime Review: Ore Monogatari | 俺物語 (My Love Story)

A few days ago, in a burst of nostalgia, I decided to begin watching anime again. I was in the mood for something light-hearted and funny, and after reading a few reviews, decided to settle on this one: Ore Monogatari (My Love Story). It was exactly what I was looking for!

The protagonist, Gouda Takeo (剛田 猛男 ), is a first year high school student. He is very tall, muscular, unconventional-looking, and extremely well-liked by the boys in his school. He however does not seem to have much luck with girls, since all the girls he likes only have eyes for his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa Makoto ( 砂川 誠 ).  One day through a series of events, he meets and falls for Yamato Rinko (大和 凛子), who, to his great surprise, likes him back! What follows is a love story that is both hilarious and incredibly sweet. 🙂


Watch Ore Monogatari here!

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  • Shikow

    Awwww I am in the mood for a quirky love story *adding this to my to watch list*

  • Asaga

    Hey there! I just found this blog and I really wanted to ask something, I don’t know if it’s okay to put it here, or if you have a FAQ section.
    My question was: How do you buy anime merc in Kenya, or mangas?
    I don’t know where to search for theme, I guess amazon is the only way…

    • Hi! I am not sure where to buy anime merchandise or manga in Kenya… I think most anime/manga fans here rely on the internet to buy stuff. I could be wrong though.

      • Asaga

        Thank you! I’ve found stores where they sell manga but it’s a little expensive.

        • Shikow

          Is this Between the Lines at village market?

          • Asaga


  • Chika Sasahara

    Hello:) nimefurahi kwa kusoma blog yako. Mimi ni mjapani, lakini sasa ninakaa Kenya. Nafanya reseach ya msitu. Na kufundisha Kijapani. If there are the event of anime or comics in Kenya, i want to know it…