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An Otaku’s Guide to Nairobi

The Otaku culture is catching on in Nairobi as we’ve discussed in previous posts. Although the otaku community is present, it’s scattered and sometimes it’s hard to tap into this community. This post is here to give you an inside scope on the pages to follow and places to be to enjoy the best of being an otaku in Nairobi.



Image courtesy of Adventures in Nairobi. Link here.

This is an annual event that is essentially the Nairobi version of Comic Con (a less internationally acclaimed version so don’t get too excited). Naiccon started small two years ago with just a cosplay competition at the Village Market parking lot; however, it continues to evolve and grow. I attended the 2015 Naiccon at the Sarit Center and it was incredible. The event featured stalls by comic book stores, animators, gamers and so on. The main event was the cosplay competition which had such a huge participant turnout. Look out for the 2016 edition which will undoubtedly be bigger and better.

Anime Anonymous

Anime Anonymous is a group of anime lovers. They often organize meet ups and cosplay events. They are also very vibrant on social media, be sure to check them out on Facebook here. Other great pages to stop by include Movie Jabber and Nerd Culture Magazine (that’s assuming that you already follow The Wondercores on social media).

Anime Café


Image courtesy of Movie Jabber. Link here.

The anime café is an event organized by Tuna Watch Anime (TWA) of The Tsunami Studio. I’m not too sure of the frequency of the Anime Café but I know they have at least one every month usually at the Soul Food Cafe at Liaison house near the Nairobi CBD. We will keep you posted on any upcoming anime cafés.

Language Café


You have probably read about the language café a little too much since that’s been the subject of our three posts so I will not go into too much detail, you can find out more here. A language café is an opportunity to meet people who are learning or speak the same languages as you. The language cafe in Nairobi has a particularly soft spot for the Japanese Language so we intend to have loads of Japanese focused language cafes. From Nihongo speakers comes a lot of otaku talk and activities… see the connection now?

Read Between the Lines

This is a book and comic store located at the Village Market. They have most of the latest comics and will often organize interesting competitions and events for us who love the nerd universe. Check them out on Facebook or visit their store at the Village Market.

Now you are all caught up on the in’s and out’s of the otaku scene in Nairobi. Let us know what you feel we left out in the comment section below! 🙂

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