AI – Utsukushiki Mono | Lyric Video (With English Translation)

It’s no secret that we love Japanese-American singer-songwriter AI here at The Wondercores! Her songs are powerful and so is her voice. 🙂 AI was born in Los Angeles and spent her childhood in Japan and her teens in the US. Fun fact: she started off as a dancer, and even appeared in Janet Jackson’s Go Deep music video in 1998! She debuted as a musician in Japan in 2000. (Also, she just had a baby girl! Congratulations AI!!)

So because we are practically obsessed with her awesomeness, a few weeks ago we posted a lyric video on our YouTube channel for one of our favourite AI songs, ウツクシキモノ (Utsukushiki Mono), which means “things of beauty”. The song was an ending theme for one of the films in the Berserk series. It is off her 2012 album Independent, which has other amazing hits like Independent Woman and ハピネス (Happiness). Our lyric video has the main lyrics entirely in Japanese with an English translation at the bottom.

For those among us whose Japanese reading skills may not be that great, we’ve included the romaji lyrics in this post right after the video! Once you’ve got them down, watch the video and sing along while reading the Japanese lyrics. That’s a great way to improve your reading skills, as we mentioned in this post. Don’t be afraid to watch the video over and over – it’ll really improve your Japanese and hey, it’s a great song! 😀

Romaji lyrics:

Yasashiku kaze ga fuku
Suimen ni ukabu tsuki
Tsukamitakute mo tsukamenai
Yurete shine

Kibou no kakera wo
Hirotte mata nakushite
Jaa nan no tame ni dare no tame ni
Boku wa tatakau no?

Yureteru kimochi wa
Kono mune no oku ni kakushite
Sono saki ni nani ga aru ka nante

Soredemo kamawanai
Boku wa susumu
Kurikaeshi yume no naka de oboretakunai
Konomama ja ikirarenai
Kono te de asu no hikari wo

Sora wo miage boku wa tou
Asu mo mata onaji sky?
Taka no you ni habatakitai
If i had wings

Ano kumo no nagare ni sotte
Sora takaku maiagaru nda
Kurushimanai itami mo nai
Sonna basho nante aru no?

Hikari ni furetai
Demo ima wa kurayami no naka
Boku no koe nante daremo kikoenai

Soredemo kamawanai
Boku wa susumu
Kurikaeshi yume no naka de oboretakunai
Konomama ja ikirarenai
Kakegae no nai mono no tame ni

Ima kurushimi no nai basho
Motome moeagaru honoo no naka he

Kisetsu wa meguri meguru
Kokokara atarashii tabi ni deyou
Saa ima mune wo hatte

Aa senshi yo
Taka no you ni fly high
Nando demo akiramezu ni
Kyou mo susumou furimukanai
Itsu no hi ka aisaretai
Tada soredake
Demo ima wa hitori de

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  • Gillian

    It is a great song!
    Thank you for introducing me to AI and Little Glee Monster, I cannot get enough of them 😀
    With your great taste in music, I cannot wait for your next recommendation!

    • Aww thanks Gillian! 🙂