Three Kenyan girls. One ridiculously-named blog (what’s a Wondercore?). Thousands of adoring fans. (We’re allowed to dream.) Welcome to The Wondercores!


How It All Started

The year was 2011. (None of us remembers the month.) The scene? Manami-sensei’s beginner Japanese class. Three girls, fresh out of high school, learning hiragana and katakana for the first time. Shikow and Gillian already knew each other from high school. Mbithe made the trio complete. Sometimes the stars just align. 🙂



A Blog is Born

Three years later, after a stint at teaching beginner Japanese to high school girls, and with the Nodojiman Beauty Award under our belts, we decided that the next best thing after sliced bread would be starting a Japanese blog. So here we are. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Photos: Antony Trivet Photography